our boars

Over the years we have put strong selection pressure on the boars we have utilized in our program.

At times these may have been very popular, high demand sires, and at other times they have not. Regardless of their popularity, we have tried to stay committed to using boars that will make the next generation better. Recently we teamed up with a few other breeders to develop Apex Sires— a small boar stud located in Danville, IN. This outfit focuses on mainly crossbred boars that we utilize in our own programs and also sell semen to other breeders. Below are the boars that either Team Sloan Livestock has raised or purchased with Apex Sires. We haves used all of these aggressively on our own sows in Missouri.


Teachers pet

Lesson Learned X Spiritual Warfare X Hillbilly Bone

Stress Negative

Bred by TWS Genetics



Dirty Secret X Visionary X Filthy Rich

Bred by Kemp Family, OK

Owned with Hofschulte Genetics


Dirty THoughts

Dirty Secret X Full Strut X No Mercy

Bred by Down Show Pigs, IL

stress negative



Lock It Up X Hot Route X On Top X Stick This

Stress Negative

Bred by Price, OH


Dilly Dilly

Juggernaut X American Bad Boy X Xtra Swag

Stress Negative

Bred by Team Sloan Livestock


Fool Proof

Right Now X Two Stroke

Stress negative

Owned with Schwecke

Reg #: 162681006

Renegade .jpg


Bone N Hand X Big Affair

Bred by Cox

Stress Negative



Man Crush X Sugar Daddy X Honky Tonk

Bred by Daulton, OH

Stress Negative


Throat Punch

Dirty Deal x Juggernaut x American Bad Boy 

Bred by Team Sloan LIvestock